Decrease risk of muscular injury by 20% in less than 6 months*
Adding Comfort Zone to your office ergonomics, safety or wellness programs decreases employee discomfort and demonstrates measurable improvement for individuals and populations.

* Based on typical client results. Actual results may vary.

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The only office ergonomics management solution designed for Continuous Measurable Improvement
Surveys in the Cloud
For Anywhere they Work
Easily survey in-office, hybrid or remote employees across locations.
Documentation + Risk Protection
Generate personalized online recommendations.
Discomfort Management
Drive Proactive Intervention
Implement proactive measures to manage discomfort.

Customized Reporting

Demonstrate ROI
Track progress and drive continuous improvement.

💺 Reduce  discomfort.

🚀 Increase  productivity.

Why Customers Choose Comfort Zone

Thanks to ComfortZone, our office has become a happier, healthier place to work. The personalized recommendations and seamless equipment request process have made a real difference in our team's comfort and productivity. Highly recommend!

Sarah D.,
HR Wellness Manager


improve program administration

EHS Leaders

show measurable improvement

HR Leaders

build cultural improvement & wellness


manage productivity & risk

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